Be the change you want to see in the world.

How do we change ourselves?  By assuming new responsibilities imposed on us by the expanded horizons of our understanding, by our new roles as global citizens and planetary beings, and by enduring existential threats that have grown worse because they have not been properly addressed by our obsolete governing structures and socio-economic system.    
As individuals living in society, which is entirely a human construct, we have inherited duties towards family, community and nation.  We are the first generation sufficiently enlightened and technologically empowered to also assume two new sets of responsibilities: towards mankind as a whole and towards the planet and all life on earth.  We are also the first generation mature enough to transfer our loyalty to nation to the world as a whole and to think and act not only for the benefit of the living but also of future generations.   

The fundamental goals of our individual conduct as Earth Angels are three: to keep the peace between men, restore harmony between man and nature, and achieve continuity between this and future generations.

Our responsibilities towards mankind:

  1. To care for all human beings and every life form and to create a Planetary Wellbeing Authority that respects every human being, without prejudice and discrimination of any kind, and considers the wellbeing of all mankind into the distant future and of all life on earth in equal measure.    
  2. To accept our natural lifespan and our mortality and not to prolong our dying years and in so doing take resources away from the young and to work towards the legalization of assisted suicide.    
  3. To consume only what we need to live with dignity and in comfort, while eschewing excess and waste, because the planet is big enough for all our needs but not big enough for all our greed and to work towards limiting large differences in wealth. 

Our responsibilities towards the planet and all life on earth:

  1. To limit ourselves to two children only and to work towards the universal adoption of a global replacement level fertility law so that humanity can reach a state of equilibrium with nature. 
  2. To bring down our individual ecological footprint to a sustainable level and to work towards legislation that sets clear timeframes for the accomplishment of optimal population levels for every individual country and for the world as a whole.
  3. To leave room for nature, to treat nature with the reverence it deserves, and to work towards limiting humanity to the use of no more than a quarter of the world’s landmass and ocean resources.