To live in the image of God means to be in harmony with Nature and to be in harmony with Nature we have to be at peace with one another.
But neither harmony nor peace is possible in a world that lacks a global governing structure and is therefore rudderless.  And that is fractured by 197 nations, which is why it is ineffective, wasteful and conflict prone.  While national governments squabble about taxes and class privileges the world around us is disintegrating.  For the simple and undeniable reality is this: we cannot grow the Earth so we have to shrink our numbers, hence depopulation; we cannot consume more than our planet can give us so we have to take only what Nature can regenerate, hence decarbonization; and we cannot go on killing one another and robbing each other blind, hence globalization, which means nothing more and nothing less than the equitable sharing of resources across the globe.  National interests must give way to planetary objectives. 
What is the role of Earth Angels?

  1. Politically, we must bridge the divide between governments and people by shattering the culture of secrecy and the system of genocide, on the one hand, so that no one is excluded from the future and everyone is included in the present, and on the other hand we must combat the willful ignorance of the masses and the false comforts of nationalism, customs and conventions so that no one can hide behind illusions and delusions. 
  2. Economically, we must teach people to concentrate on being not on having, and push for a global redistribution of wealth and labor, because the pressures on resources will peak along with the population by 2050 at c. 9 to 10 billion people and all life support systems are already stretched to the maximum and while the world can meet our individual needs it cannot possibly meet our combined greed. 
  3. Socially, we must show the world that a common and global culture can coexist with local cultures, that the two are not mutually exclusive and that it is in the interests of all to find common cultural denominators and seek a common destiny. 
  4. Environmentally, we must make everyone understand that our species poses a lethal threat to all life on earth and that only man can stop man, which means that every human being on the planet must assume the rights and responsibilities of global citizens and earthlings. 
  5. And spiritually, we must lead the way in defining a global consciousness and living according to it rather than dated doctrines if we are to serve as valid models for the entire world long into the future. 

It is only by accomplishing these goals that we can ensure peace among men, harmony between man and nature, and continuity between this and future generations.  Faith and reason are our weapons; truth and justice our armor; compassion and temperance our strategy.
We will see to it that people defend not this picture of the world . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but this . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .