We cannot save ourselves from the depopulation genocide unless we save mankind from self-destruction, civilization from collapse, and the earth from human folly.
And to save mankind, civilization and the earth we must fight and win three battles: the depopulation battle, the globalization battle, and the decarbonization battle.  How these three problems dovetail and imperil us is explained here:
More than 300 depopulation poisons /endocrine disruptors deliberately added to our food and beverages, GMOs, pesticides, fluoride, and vaccines serve as covert methods of depopulation that seek to either subvert fertility or longevity so that governments can prevent births and promote deaths, the two means of stable populations, as and when needed. 


Some 700 multinational corporations led by 1,600 billionaires control 80% of the world’s wealth and access to all natural resources while 2 billion people live in abject poverty, and the remaining 5 billion are getting poorer.
These are the wars of our generation, the wars of our time. The system has set the right objectives, but is using the wrong methods to accomplish them.  The need to depopulate to sustainable levels does not justify poisoning mankind into extinction.  The need to globalize does not justify concentrating the world’s wealth in the hands of a few billionaires and subjecting the rest of us to poverty.    And the need to decarbonize does not justify geoengineering the planet. 

The solution to overpopulation is this: covert methods of depopulation via chemical and biological toxins inserted in the basic elements of life to shatter fertility and longevity, as well as coercive psychosocial and economic methods of subverting the family structure to delay or prevent family formation and to keep families small and few must be abandoned and replaced with a global replacement level fertility law, assisted suicide, and optimal population levels for each and every country.

The solution to poverty and conflict is this: the human and material resources now wasted on running nearly 200 separate nations according to just as many socio-economic systems and currencies and in constant competition with one another must give way to the abandonment of the nation-state and the creation of a single Planetary Wellbeing Authority (mandated to have sole authority over the three planetary security prerogatives of depopulation, globalization and decarbonization), a single global currency, and a single legal and regulatory standard. 

The solution to environmental destruction is this: resources now wasted on the business as usual model, the military-industrial complex, and collective forms of egotism must be diverted to decarbonization within the framework of a planetary energy grid based on renewable energy sources.
Chemtrails/geoengineering aim to slow down global warming and speed up morbidity and mortality in the baby boom generation, as well as limit lifespan to an economically desirable 75 years, thus tackling the problem at both ends of the population and pollution problem, inputs and outputs.