Countries are prisons at the best of times and in the depopulation era they have become concentration camps.

The nation state is obsolete and stands in the way of global unity, universal prosperity, lasting peace and a healthy planet.  Nothing demonstrates more clearly the failure of the nation state to meet the needs of its citizens then the existence of 65 million refugees worldwide , thus of 1 out of every 112 people on earth, and the desire of hundreds of millions to emigrate and seek better lives elsewhere.  And nothing demonstrates more clearly the wastefulness, barbarity and idiocy of nationalism then the  cost required to support 171 standing armies  and 27 million active military personnel, which has reached nearly 1.7 trillion dollars a year or 2.3 % of global GDP, to say nothing of the damages done by armed conflict or the damages done by the military-industrial complex’ use of covert methods of depopulation.   Once these costs are added to the total, defense spending accounts for at least 25% of global GDP.  Thus a quarter of the world’s productive output is used to wage a hidden war against the world’s 7.3 billion people to stop the global population from growing and reduce it to a sustainable level, which has bas been determined by the Overshoot Index to be no more than 4.5 billion people. And this is just the cost to national budgets.  
The cost to us as individuals is much greater and unquantifiable because our health and the health of our children, our rights and liberties, our dignity, the integrity of our minds and bodies, the continuation of our genetic lineages, the quality of our lives, as well as our genetic and intellectual endowments are imperiled by an international system based on the secret collusion in genocide by the world’s nation states, whose leaders are incapable of solving the existential problems we face as a civilization and as a species because they are limited by the narrow prerogatives of national leadership, mandates and interests.    That is why we must get rid of nation states and create a global governing structure that is transparent and accountable and that serves us all and not just national elites who behind the scenes have already formed a global government for themselves and have decide to exclude us all from the future.  
An emancipated mankind must place the preservation of life before the interests of nations, and the sustainability of human civilization ahead of the narrowmindedness of nationalists, the bigotry of populists, the aggression of warmongers, and the greed and ignorance of petty leaders whose horizons end at the border.  The wellbeing of mankind and the survival of life on earth take precedence over national self-interests and collective forms of selfishness.   Armies will cease to exist when the nation-state ceases to exist.  Resources will stop being wasted on weaponry and war when there is a single global authority and therefore no external enemies.  Bigotry and prejudice will be uprooted when the system gives all 7.3 billion people the same rights and responsibilities.  And poverty will cease to exist when national governments no longer monopolize natural resources, entrench exclusion, skew trade, enable corruption, and lock the world in a stance of perpetual economic, political, cultural and ethnic conflict. The nation state is a relatively new political entity and there is no good reason why we should hang on to it.  But there are dozens of good reasons why we must outgrow it, the most compelling being that poverty, environmental destruction and war cannot be eliminated in a world divided by more than 190 national borders.

How do we change the nation state? By working towards the transfer of authority from national governments to a newly created Planetary Wellbeing Authority endowed with sole and global control over the three Planetary Security Prerogatives of depopulation, globalization and decarbonization. 

Earth Angels will ceaselessly work towards accomplishing a borderless world by choosing to engage in any or all of the following actions:

  1. Carry international passports issued by the World Service Authority and work towards the recognition of global citizenship outside the framework of existing nation states as a transnational and non-national legal status. 
  2. Refuse to recognize national sovereignty and renounce the benefits of citizenship to be able to justify withdrawing from the responsibilities of citizenship.
  3. Stop paying income tax to national authorities and instead make annual voluntary financial contributions to our own governing entity until such time as a Planetary Wellbeing Authority is created.   
  4. Consider mankind an indivisible family and every human being on the planet a fellow citizen of planet earth and refrain from any type of discrimination.