Join us

There is strength in numbers.

Solving the planetary problems that plague mankind requires your participation and the participation of every human being on the planet.

Either we do it by making small sacrifices or governments do it by sacrificing us all.

These are the three overarching reasons why you should not be idle and remain a spectator, but be involved and become a participant and co-creator of society. 

If we, the people, take control of our destinies by assuming responsibility, altering our behavior and changing our priorities we will transform the world from the ground up, from the individual level.  If governments and the international system remain in control of our destinies they will continue to impose on us changes from the top and we will be at the mercy of their genocidal programs and police state controls. 
We need to grow in numbers, we need to organize, we need to be disciplined and focused, we need clear objectives, and we need to determine how to accomplish them and in how much time. 

We need, in other words, to set up a parallel and competing structure to governments and the UN centered international system so that change for the better can take place from the ground up and we will no longer be forced from the top down to accept a system based on military force, monetary coercion, destructive greed and covert genocide. 

We need a United Peoples Organization to act as a Planetary Wellbeing Authority.   Join us and together we will create the organizational structure capable of shaping our civilization to higher standards and according to a better ethos than currently in place.


This is why you are important.
This is our blueprint for change.
What planetary wellbeing requires.
How to fight the current system.