We are dedicated to the eradication of all chemical, biological, psychosocial and economic methods of population control used by the United Nations and governments around the world since 1945 to achieve the demographic objectives of the Global Depopulation Policy.  We seek to force governments and the UN system to replace the current covert, eugenic and genocidal methods of population control with overt legislation approved by the informed consent of voters and passed through democratic processes.

Our Principles

National governments and international organizations have gone astray and are treating people as objects to be disposed of, as commodities to be used and abused, as one time voters to be deceived and lied to, and as potential enemies to be spied on, censored, controlled and punished. The society the New World Order has created is militaristic, unstable, punitive and oppressive and serves only the interests of the elites who are impoverishing and disenfranchising the masses in order to advance a global government that is undemocratic and unfair. The system the global elites have created is collapsing because it is both morally and fiscally bankrupt, a state it has arrived at by virtue of its monopolistic, undemocratic and predatory nature. We, the people, must take control of our destinies and this can only happen if we make the economic and political decisions by which we are to live. Our elites have failed and have lost our trust and therefore the right to govern. It is now our turn and we can only prevail if we organize across borders as an international political force united in purpose, devoid of prejudices and free of false loyalties. These are the principles that animate us:

Our Accomplishments

In the past five years, we have shattered the walls of secrecy and deception that have veiled the global depopulation program, provided incontestable scientific evidence of the use of covert chemical and biological methods of depopulation, exposed and explained every hidden aspect of the covert depopulation and coerced globalization axis around which the world revolves since 1945, changed policy in at least two dozen countries, discredited the UN system and the 189 governments that have cooperated in genocide, altered the public discourse and the relationship between people and governments, triggered a global reform of the chemical environment that will lead to the elimination of depopulation poisons, demonstrated that the epidemic of non-communicable diseases is the result of our mass poisoning over multiple generations, forced the Church to approve the use of contraceptives, and put the UN system and every government on earth on notice. All in all, we have saved more lives than all old-time prophets combined and have given a future to 7.3 billion people. And we have started changing the world before we even had a name. These are our accomplishments so far:

  Our Methods 

       ​​​We compel change by:

  1. Exposing secrets
  2. Providing evidence
  3. Educating policy makers
  4. Writing public letters
  5. Staging hunger strikes
  6. Issuing ultimatums
  7. Organizing public actions
  8. Holding individuals personally responsible
  9. Reforming organizations and institutions
  10. Holding states accountable
  11. Informing the media
  12. Coordinating civil society
  13. Empowering you
  14. Enlisting scientists
  15. Removing structural obstacles
  16. Freeing the truth
  17. Bridging the divide between secular and religious authorities
  18. Restoring the rule of law
  19. Uprooting corruption
  20. Combatting ignorance
  21. Confronting prejudice
  22. Speaking truth to power
  23. Providing perspective
  24. Helping humanity to ascend to a higher level of being
  25. Transcending ideology, dogma and customs